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Relaunching Global Swadeshi, and the Cloughjordan project

Hi, everybody.


In the next few weeks there's going to be a substantial uptick in activity at Global Swadeshi. I'm about to start documenting the Cloughjordan Ecovillage Project and there are one or two other projects which are about to set up shop on Global Swadeshi. Cloughjordan is a 40 acre, 110 home community in Ireland which is prototyping some really interesting municipal infrastructure projects for internet access and community heating. They're about 50% of the way through construction now, and getting started on food security. It's a great project that I'm proud to be involved in.


We need to move towards making the site self-supporting. Right now, two users are picking up the monthly tab for Ning, and that's not really the way to do something like this, we need a little thread of core funding for the site hosting etc. Please keep your eyes open for ways to do that.


On the Cloughjordan project, it's an ecovillage in rural Ireland which I've just moved to, partly to give myself time to finish my book (well, our book, The Future We Deserve) and partly to get my hands dirty on real appropriate technology projects. is the Global Swadeshi group for the Cloughjordan project. Please join the group if you'd like to help with the project!


You can read more about the project at Cloughpedia, which has links to the main web sites, plus the start of some documentation I'm building out. There's also some video about the project at Cloughjordan Videos on youtube.


In the next year or so we expect to have a green digital fabrication facility up and running, a sort of ecological fab lab, and a lot of interesting community resilience projects going. Cloughjordan is unusual in that it has a substantial tech presence already - there's a fiber loop around the whole village for ultra high speed network access, and a community ISP, and a community heating plant.


I'll be posting occasional questions and items for discussion about the project here, soliciting the wisdom of the wider community, and I hope you'll come to visit! There's a permaculture course here in August which would be an excellent time to visit, and I'll be running events here over the course of the summer. Enjoy,



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Here's a video which shows a bit about the project!

Hi Vinay:

We are looking for people who works on appropriatte technologies and we like your projects. If you want to get in touch please go to our site or write to

Our research project is called “Technologies for social inclusion and public policies in Latin America”. Project’s research have been developed since March 2010 by a team of researchers from the Institute of Social Studies on Science and Technology – National Un... and the Analysis Group of Innovation Policy from the Department of Scientifi....

The Project undertakes case studies on Social Technology experiences in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Peru, and is supported by the canadian International Development Research Centre (IRDC). The diverse case studies that compound the project have as main purpose to produce information and converging analysis about the opportunity and need of developing technologies oriented towards solving social exclusion issues in the Latin-American context.




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